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XBO on Run to Find their Brand Ambassador

Upcoming crypto exchange XBO, is all set to transform the way you trade and use crypto. XBO is offering a number of loyalty benefits and early signup perks. The exchange platform is inviting people to take part in their ‘Bored Apes audition’ to find their brand ambassador. So it is the right time to put your best Bored Ape NFTs to work, and become the official representative of XBO. You could earn $100,000.


XBO is an upcoming crypto exchange, preparing to transform the trade and use of cryptocurrency. The team at XBO includes professionals from finance and tech who are passionate about blockchain.

Crypto exchange offers a user-friendly interface and commits to delivering exceptional customer service. Soon to be launched on all web and mobile platforms, the crypto exchange assures its users to deliver a secure environment for trading.

Crypto exchange is preparing to offer a knowledge hub for Crypto to educate those interested in it. The team is working to revolutionise the crypto world with a low entry barrier so that anyone can access Crypto.

Loyalty Program

XBO is all set to flip the script within the crypto world. They have a loyalty program classified into five tiers with great perks.

Silver tier

  • Requires 100 XP for primary verification 
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.40%/0.30% (Taker/Maker)

Gold Tier

  • Requires 10,000 XP
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Provides 0.1% exchange cashback
  • Permits two free fiat withdrawals per month
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.38%/0.29% (Taker/Maker)
  • Lets you be an XBO Gold Cardholder
  • Rewards random amounts of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. 

Platinum Tier

  • Requires 65,000 XP
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Provides 0.25% exchange cashback
  • Permits three free fiat withdrawals per month
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.36%/0.27% (Taker/Maker)
  • Lets you be an XBO Platinum Cardholder
  • Rewards random amounts 2.5 times Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. 

Diamond Tier

  • Requires 650,000 XP
  • Allows free crypto deposit
  • Provides 0.5% exchange cashback
  • Permits four free fiat withdrawals per month
  • Offers spot-trading fees of 0.32%/0.24% (Taker/Maker)
  • Lets you be an XBO Diamond (Free Metal) Cardholder
  • Rewards random amounts ten times Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Apecoin. 

Black Diamond 

XBO claims, “What happens in Black Diamond stays in Black Diamond!”

With undisclosed information about Black Diamond, it looks like it consists of special perks. It’s an exclusive members club. Black Diamond consists of additional advantages and exclusive perks available for 2,100,000 XP.

Early bird offer to the loyalty program is now open. Register now on XBO!

Why XBO?

There is more to XBO than just the exclusive loyalty program. Crypto exchange is also building a dedicated knowledge hub to educate and prepare its users for their crypto journey.

Military-Grade Security

The safety of your assets and privacy, along with all your confidential data comes first. XBO is partnering with the market leaders in the field of security to safeguard your assets.

Crypto exchange and its security partners assure its users to deliver a safe environment and commit to keeping the data safe and secure.  These are vital components to building a strong relationship between the platform and its users. 

Made for All

Thanks to the internet, the crypto market is globally accessible to everyone. The use of crypto is beyond just price speculation. One can use it for making payments and accessing multiple services or products available on the blockchain. Crypto exchange makes these available for you with no intermediary service providers.

Avoid Complications

Using XBO won’t be complicated with its user-friendly interface specially designed to make the trading experience smoother.

Bored Ape Audition

The Bored Ape audition is an attempt by XBO to find its brand ambassador. It is inviting NFT owners with Bored Apes in their Web3 wallets to submit their entries for the audition. Crypto exchange will choose the Bored Ape that is the right fit. The winner will win a grand cash reward of $100,000 and additional benefits.

Benefits of being the XBO Brand Ambassador

  • Win $100,000 for licensing your IP
  • Discover the purpose of your Bored Ape in the Metaverse
  • Earn the popularity your Bored Ape NFT deserves
  • Take part in future web3 opportunities

How to take part in the Bored Ape Audition

It is time to put your Bored Ape NFT to work. The possibility to make your Bored Ape a superstar and to avail the benefits of being XBO’s official representative is real.

Below are the steps for you to participate in the Bored Ape Audition:

  • Go to XBO’s Bored Ape Audition page
  • Connect your Web3 wallet where your Bored Ape NFT is stored. You can connect by scanning the QR code on mobile or through desktop options.

Winding Up…

The universe of crypto is getting bigger and better day by day. People are learning what it is and how it works and are interested to see where it takes them. Crypto exchange intends to make Crypto accessible to everyone and revolutionize the way we use crypto.  It is set to deliver a space for crypto enthusiasts to learn and invest.

The early bird access and loyalty programs are offering great benefits. It is planning to draw 10 lucky users from their first 10,000 Gold members for an upgrade to Black Diamond. 

Take your Bored Ape to the next level and give it the chance to become the official representative of crypto exchange and get a chance to win $100,000!

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