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Willard Chesney and Justin Melnick launch NFT Collection

Willard Chesney, the Former Navy SEAL operator and author, the canine handler on the legendary raid on the Osama Bin Laden compound, adjoined with Justin Melnick, who played the Navy SEAL canine handler ‘Brock Reynolds’ on the CBS hit tv series SEAL TEAM, are collaborating to launch a unique NFT assortment utilising the ReserveBlock RBX Network protocol with a part of the profits benefiting The Boot Campaign. This one-of-a-kind NFT sequence will include each particular digital and bodily mementoes and digitally matched with private experiences with Chesney and Melnick. It shall be immediately delivered from their digital wallets to anyone who needs to participate.

Chesney served his nation as an Operator in the SEAL Team and Military Working Dog (MWD) Cairo’s handler, the only canine on the squad that executed Operation Neptune Spear. This infamous operation terminated Osama Bin Laden and concluded an eight-year marketing campaign to seize or eliminate the famed terrorist.

Chesney, who served as an Assaulter and Dog Handler at NSW DEVGRU (SEAL Team Six), is possibly the Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient. He is the writer of the best-selling e-book “No Ordinary Dog”, published through St. Martin’s Press. While this clenching and emotional narrative dedicate Chesney’s working relationship with Cairo through several deployments, it also memorialises how the four-legged warrior saved Chesney’s life in more ways than just one. Will now work to support veterans who’ve gone through traumatic mind damage.

“I always knew I wanted to serve, and serving in the seal teams was my life’s goal. I never dreamt I’d be lucky enough to become a dog handler in the teams. my dog Cairo was a special animal with a special soul – he truly was part of our team just like any other operator. To be able to continue to tell his story in a variety of ways and help others is the best way I know how to honour his life. while NFTs are new to me, it clearly provides a platform for me to do just that: help others and continue Cairo’s legacy,” stated Chesney.

Teaming up with Will, CBS SEAL Team actor Justin Melnick, who has also served his province as a police officer before his profession in TV. Currently, Justin plays the role of ‘Brock’, the canine handler of the team, with his Belgian Malinois named Dita. Justin has spent many years giving time and private assets to multiple veteran causes. He has also laboured sincerely with Chesney on entirely different training regimes with their Malinois.

“They’ve given so much to this country, and I’m proud to play one of these heroes on TV. I can’t be more excited to launch this NFT series with Will, and I look forward to connecting with like-minded people who also want to show their support for our heroes,” said Melnick.

Launch details on this particular NFT Hero sequence will be coming soon in September, together with the launch date of the series.

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