Lillian Finance to be the First Medically Focused Crypto

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Lillian Finance to be the First Medically Focused Crypto

Lillian Finance LLC, a Medi Blockchain crypto company, had a magnificent breakout month in spite of the Bearish Crypto market, witnessing almost a two hundred sixty per cent gain.

Being the first youth-inspired, medically focused cryptocurrency, Lillian Finance is creating history by setting up an accessible financing vehicle with a charitable bent. Lillian uses the ascent and durability of cryptocurrency platforms such as blockchain to democratise the market and make money where it did not exist.

From the lab bench to billing and diagnostics to data management, Lillian backs up projects that break down the boundaries to new knowledge by focusing on areas of research and medical practice where real needs have been overlooked. The objective is to solve problems in the healthcare sector by employing a next-generation system of finance with an aim to boost positive and innovative change.

“Despite the Crypto Bear market Lillian has delivered on everything as promised,” explains Lillian Founder Brad Beatty. “Lillian Finance is currently having discussions with a few of the Largest Medical Fin-Tech companies as we continue to develop our Medical Blockchain solutions and Eco system. We are also working on listing Lillian Finance on a few Tier 1 Exchanges in the coming months. Our newest collaboration is with Brew Labs Inc, one of the leading Crypto staking and farming companies in the industry. Lillian had created three staking and farming pools developed to give Lillian holders an option of making a passive income.”

Lillian Finance to be the First Medically Focused Cryptoo

In July, Lillian was launched on Shiba Swap, one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms developed by Shiba Inu. Since the listing on Shiba Swap, Lillian Finance has witnessed positive momentum in gains and holder count.

Lillian has held the fort by locking its Liquidity for 5 years and letting its investors have peace of mind to know it’s going nowhere. The platform uses the industry’s leading liquidity-locking Defi security partner EverRise to safeguard its Liquidity.

The medical crypto went live on August 8, 2022, on one BitMart, one of the top 10 Globally traded exchanges. With over 9 million users, BitMart delivers fast, secure, and professional crypto trading services with over a $3.6 billion daily volume.

In August 2022, Lillian Bay Foundation was launched, a 501c3 named after its founder Brad Beatty’s daughter. The foundation is modelled to fund and organise surgeries for children. Since its launch, Lillian Bay Foundation has already provided 3 successful surgeries, and the website will go live this month.

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