January 23, 2021

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading Platform Features

In reality, the preparation and planning of virtually all the goods, such as the Exchange site, the SaaS site, or the web for your company, are an essential step of web creation until they are launched. Let’s look at what functionality is needed to reach the buyers and holders in the cryptocurrency exchange script.

  • Key features
  • Adaptive and flexible versatility
  • Security
  • Simple administration
  • The remarkably low app wait

Moreover, a framework consists of the so-called levels of different elements. Both functions act autonomously and depend on the obtained data and the GUI for communication. For example, the cash flow Driver, the Customer Service manages the server and the interface. Connections are controlled by APIs and requests across rates. They are normally stored on a different server/computer.

Safety and protection

Second, we will figure out what specific concerns, weaknesses, and challenges in the protection of the program you may face.

  1. Connection to the administrator account is not allowed (Hacking)
  2. Server Data Breach
  3. Privileges the criminal method
  4. External network compliance problems.

Members’ lodging. Personal data protection is of the utmost importance and access to the network must be tightly controlled. This layer is popularly covered by:

  1. Usage of secure and secured systems and libraries.
  2. Login Passcode double-factor authentication.
  3. User request documentation (KYC and AML). Request information. The key subject was cryptocurrency trade for FIAT couples and the reverse. There is no need to post cryptocurrency records in cryptocurrency pairs. In certain situations, you will require an overseas visa, driver’s license or ID card, as well as bank accounts or bills to validate Level 2.
  4. Manual assurance from the boss regarding large numbers and/or small quantities regarding purchases. An extra cold wallet is suggested.
  5. The boss rules that the Blockchain platform exchange relies on bitcoin, one indication of which is smartphone growth patterns. Any site of trading needs admins. Test the following list to defend yourself and the system:

Distinguish responsibilities and permissions from administrators

Distinguish responsibilities and permissions from administrators; create additional groups and roles. Each person manages only his small part and has no access to more.

  • Team solution. Administrators from different groups must confirm particularly important features.
  • Development and production are at least two separate areas. Limited access to each group. Manual database transfer, which is controlled by executives, e.g. CTO.
  • Malicious Processes. Caused by malicious Software or by an intruder.
  • DDoS Attacks. Requests must run on certain servers and be cleaned up for the final project.
  • Firewall Vulnerability. They are easy to solve – by a professional system administrator or a great Hosting. AWS is probably the best solution, at least if your government allows hosting platforms in the Cloud. Otherwise, you need to take a closer look at the dedicated servers with Load Balancing.
  • Authorized and protected access. 2FA is mandatory whether you choose Google Authenticator or SMS or even both options. If you decide to build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, you can forget this point.