XBO-Free Crypto Earning Opportunities in 2022

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XBO-Free Crypto Earning Opportunities in 2022

Mining crypto and earning cryptocurrency as a reward is no longer rocket science. You must purchase an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) hardware for mining, which will cost you no less than $2800. Even after investing a hefty sum in buying the best hardware and equipment for cryptocurrency mining, the chances of solving the hash algorithm are very low. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been coming up with fresh opportunities for earning free crypto. For example, cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase are running a learn-and-earn program, where people who watch videos and tutorials will get free crypto rewards. 

Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange, gives free crypto rewards to investors staking their crypto tokens. Investors can earn new tokens by investing their crypto in the Binance Launchpool. 

Brave browser users can earn rewards by viewing ads while browsing. The rewards are paid in Brave’s native crypto token called the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Soon to launch crypto platform XBO will also be rewarding users for their loyalty.

What is XBO? 

XBO is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange with up-to-date features and enticing opportunities to empower people through crypto. The platform aims to lower the entrance barrier for novices in the crypto world and facilitate users with trading, buying, selling, and earning crypto rewards. 

XBO mobile and web platforms also offer sophisticated features suitable for seasoned investors. The platform is intuitive and provides access to multiple cryptocurrencies.  Users will be able to trade, buy, sell and earn crypto rewards while benefiting from the 24*7 customer service. 

The XBO loyalty program will have five loyalty tiers.  Users can earn free crypto rewards by earning experience points (XP) as they trade, buy or sell crypto. By accumulating experience points (XP) users will advance to higher tiers, gaining greater crypto rewards. 

Let’s discuss the five premium tiers of XBO and their features: 


  • Investors will get 100 XP (experience points) as this is the basic tier
  • Free crypto deposit 
  • No exchange cashback 
  • No free fiat withdrawals per month 
  • The taker/Maker fee will be 0.40%/0.30%
  • No XBO card
  • Investors will not receive any free crypto rewards 


  • Requires 10,000 XPs 
  • Free crypto deposit
  • 0.1% exchange cashback 
  • Two free fiat currency withdrawals per month
  • The taker/Maker fee will be 0.38%/0.29%
  • Gold XBO card
  • Investors will receive a random amount of crypto rewards 


  • Requires 65,000 XPs
  • Free crypto deposit
  • 0.25% exchange cashback
  • Three free fiat withdrawals every month 
  • The taker/Maker fee will be 0.36%/0.27%
  • A Platinum XBO card
  • Free crypto rewards worth 2.5 times the random amount 


  • Requires 650,000 XP  
  • Free crypto deposit
  • 0.5% exchange cashback
  • Four free fiat currency withdrawals per month
  • The taker/Maker fee will be 0.32%/0.24%
  • A Diamond metal card by XBO 
  • Free crypto rewards worth ten times the random amount 


Black Diamond will be at the top tier on the XBO cryptocurrency exchange and will offer advanced perks and benefits, which haven’t been announced to the public yet. 

The early access program of the XBO exchange is around the corner. The first 10,000 users to get verified will start from the Gold loyalty tier.  They will enter a draw and a few lucky ones will get the golden opportunity to win the Black Diamond loyalty status. 

Final Verdict: 

In 2022, seasoned investors and beginners will get multiple free crypto earning opportunities. XBO will soon become a part of the crypto world with its fresh features, facilitating users to earn free crypto rewards through its loyalty program. 

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