January 23, 2021

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Best ways to earn extra money from home

Best ways to earn extra money from home

4 Best ways to earn extra money from home

We are living a Real Sharing Economy, an economy where the sharing of values and skills is the basis of everything. I decided to create this post, perhaps the longest ever, to share over 4 Ideas. Best ways to earn extra money from home in your free time that you can start right away. Many of these do not require any initial investment and allow you to earn from home right away, both online and offline. Others require small initial investments of capital and/or time but allow you to generate potentially very large revenues in a short time and directly from your home.

All you need is a PC and a lot of imagination and creativity. We will analyze in detail each of these methods seeing the real earning potential and studying the various pros and cons. You don’t need to quit your job to earn extra money and in this article, we’ll look at how to do it by taking advantage of the free time you have at your disposal. They are not put in order of importance but according to when and how much they come to mind since I will need about a week two weeks three weeks (!!!) to complete this article.

Last but not least.

All the methods contained in this site can help you to increase your monthly income by much, greatly shortening the time needed to live on the annuity. Keep in mind that I personally use many of these strategies to increase my revenue by about 1000 euros per month. And trust that 1000 euros equal an average salary, they are not very few!

Method # 1-Earn with Sports Betting

I, too, was initially very skeptical about this topic. I started testing various methods found on the internet and experimenting with methodologies created by me but the result was always and only one: I lost money. After months and months of research, I finally found a method that really works to earn with sports betting. The nice thing is that you can not lose money and the gain is guaranteed (I know you do not believe me but I invite you to try before judging).

Capital needed: yes-about 600 euros

The time needed: about 20 minutes per day

Average earnings: from 200 to 600 euros per month

Risk: Zero (you will never believe me but it is so )


Method # 2-Earn by selling Ebook on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online sales portal with millions of purchases every day. It was born at the origins as an online store of paper books and has evolved allowing the widespread of ebooks in the world. To understand the potential of this business you just have to think that the sale of digital books has exceeded the sale of paper ones. Of course, writing a book is not for everyone but it presents itself as one of the best possibilities nowadays to earn online.

Capital needed: NO-Anyone can publish a book with Amazon KDP

Time Required: High creation times

Average earnings: if you create a bestseller The earnings are potentially very high

Risk: Zero, mal that goes you won’t even sell a copy


Method # 3-Earn by saving on online purchases (and not only)


A simple and creative way to earn is to get refunds for purchases you make online. So every time you book a hotel on Booking or buy in more than 2500 online stores you can get a cashback, that is, a refund of money. The site I use that allows you to get all these refunds is called Mr. Rebates. (by registering on this link you will get $ 5 free when you receive your first cashback). In addition, Mr. Rebates offers you the possibility to invite your friends to use this system and generate a gain of 20% on the amount that the people you invited save, generating a real automatic flow of money.

So you have 3 benefits:

You save
Save your friends
Earn 20% of your friends ‘ savings

Typical win-win business.

Capital required: NO

The time required: 3 minutes for registration here

Average gain: on average 3% on your online purchases and 20% on savings obtained from your friends

Risk: Zero

Method # 4-earn by renting rooms or rooms on Airbnb

A really interesting and very profitable strategy is the one that allows you to earn in the extra-hotel sector thanks to Airbnb. Airbnb is nothing more than a site (very similar to booking) that allows you to book rooms or rooms practically all over the world, often at lower prices than classic hotels. In addition, this fantastic site gives you the opportunity to enter the portal and rent rooms of your house or even the whole house, thus generating a zero risk gain. Personally I think it’s a really brilliant solution to rent space in your home that would otherwise be empty, and it allows you to earn money without working. Obviously you have to be willing to have strangers in the house in case you decide to rent one or more rooms. More importantly, you must have a home to take advantage of this possibility.

Capital required: NO

The time needed: 5 minutes to register your rooms and then the time needed to change the sheets and do the necessary cleaning

Average income: definitely an excellent income, up to 300 euros per month per room and also much more for full apartments