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Best place to stake Solana

One of the most well-known blockchain platforms is Solana (SOL). It is well-liked in the blockchain world due to its efficiency and security. Staking Solana has become very appealing since its value increased by 5,077 per cent in just eight months in 2021. Read on further about Solana and the best place to stake Solana.

Since its launch in 2017, Solana has become one of the most well-known open-source blockchains and has maintained a spot in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and quantity staked.

You should think about staking if you already possess Solana or intend to buy some. By keeping your cryptocurrency locked in the blockchain network for a predetermined period, which serves to confirm transactions, staking is a way to benefit from it.

What Is Solana?

The open-source Solana blockchain network, which supports smart contracts, is renowned for its quick transaction times, a wide selection of NFT marketplaces, and DeFi solutions. The blockchain implements smart contracts via Proof-of-Stake and Proof-history. An annual percentage yield (APY) is used to compensate validators. Participants who bet SOL tokens get compensated.

Can You Stake Solana?

Hodlers of SOL tokens can participate in the staking system by contributing their tokens to a node, either by operating the server themselves or by “delegating” their investment to another pool. They will receive a variable rewards rate for doing this and directly contribute to the network’s financial stability, but you must make sure you have found the best place to stake Solana.

Solana has a dynamic ecosystem and a highly competitive staking payout. As a result of the total amount locked in, which is expected to be 44 billion, Solana is one of the best cryptocurrencies to stake. However, Solana’s variable reward rate may be lower than its rivals because staking SOL tokens is standard. Therefore, compared to Solana, other PoS staking protocols like Cardano and Ethereum can offer a higher payout.

Where is the Best Place To Stake Solana To Earn Rewards

The best venues to soft-stake cryptocurrency are wallets and exchanges that accept it, where users can allocate their Solana coins to make passive income.

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The table below compares the top exchanges that support SOL staking. The information was correct at the time of publication, but the staking incentive may change depending on the provider, validators, and network.

Binance 0.0001 SOL 9.28%, 10.23%, 13.47% Rating


20% off on trading fees
Coinbase 0.00000001 SOL 3.85% Rating


$5 BTC bonus (for the USA only) 5 SOL 1%-2% Rating


$10 if staking more than 1000 CRO tokens
FTX 0.00000001 SOL 6% Rating


5% off on trading fees
Huobi 0.1 SOL 3.5% Rating


Not available currently
Kraken 0.00000001 SOL 6% APY Rating


Not available currently

Binance Exchange

Anyone looking for a straightforward method to generate interest from their SOL tokens may find Binance the best place to stake Solana. Binance Exchange, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has some of the lowest trading costs. SOL is a cryptocurrency you may stake on Binance and get paid in addition to trading.

Using Binance Earn, there are various ways to stake Solana tokens. The best rates, however, are probably locked staking. Locked staking offered estimated annual percentage yields of 9.20 per cent for 30 days, 9.90 per cent for 60 days, and 11.50 per cent for 90 days. Unfortunately, these memberships can cost different amounts and can sometimes expire.

Huobi Global

Huobi Global is another cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to earn interest in their holdings. Once again, Huobi Global provides options for trading for SOL on their website at lower trading fees.

Huobi Earn provides Featured, Fixed, Flexible, and First Timer choices for customers looking to earn interest. Huobi has previously offered SOL at momentary rates as high as 50% APY. Alternately, you can stake for 3.5 per cent APY using SOL’s staking tool.

FTX Exchange

You can stake your Solana tokens through FTX’s Exchange and App, respectively (which was previously Blockfolio). On FTX, the Crypto Derivatives Trade, you may exchange currencies like USD, USDT, and Bitcoin for Solana tokens.

Once you have SOL tokens, you can stake them to earn a 6% annual percentage yield. In addition, you can stake your own FTT tokens for free platform withdrawals in addition to SOL with FTX Exchange.


A well-liked exchange for traders and investors in cryptocurrencies is the cutting-edge trading platform for Kraken. It is a trustworthy and secure exchange for buying, trading, staking, and selling cryptocurrency, even though the user interface is outdated.

With an initial APY of 6.5% on offer, Kraken extended international support for staking Solana in July 2021. The straightforward procedure for earning rewards on SOL tokens is a benefit of Kraken staking.


In June 2022, Coinbase added Solana is staking to its list of assets that may be added to its staking wallet to earn rewards. Coinbase Solana staking is an excellent innovation because it eliminates the requirement for establishing a staking business and becoming a validator. Previously, the selection of staking currency was relatively limited.

The simplicity of use is a benefit of using Coinbase to stake Solana. There is no need for advanced technical proficiency or stake knowledge because the exchange offers a user-friendly user interface for beginners.

One of the most well-known applications in the cryptocurrency sector is, which has grown swiftly. Over the past several years, has grown significantly, from acquiring the naming rights to the Los Angeles stadium to forming a partnership with the sports team Paris Saint-Germain.

The platform began as a straightforward cryptocurrency software but has since regularly added new financial services. NFT markets, cryptocurrency debit cards, and reliable exchange with coin staking capabilities.

Why Stake Your Crypto?

You can stake it to get rewards if you possess a significant amount of SOL or other well-known cryptocurrencies. You may increase your investment and gain more money by putting it to work. Staking cryptocurrencies is a great way to grow your holdings and boost the return on your initial investment.

Different interest rates are provided depending on where you bet, some of which are lucrative. You can stake not only SOL but also other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum.

How Much Can You Earn Staking Solana?

Depending on the staking method, the platform or exchange used, and the quantity of SOL tokens, owners of Solana who stake their tokens will get rewards. The Annual Percentage Yield for staking Solana can range from 5 to 7 per cent, while other platforms may provide higher or lower yields. The following factors may also impact the interest rate on staked tokens:

How Much Can You Earn Staking Solana

  • How many people are now staking on the network?
  • The validators decide how much commission to charge (fee). That might fall somewhere between 0% and 100%.
  • The current rate of SOL inflation

If an investor locks up 1,000 SOL at a 5 per cent APY rate, they may receive 50 SOL at the end of the year. But, of course, staking reward rates displayed on wallets and exchanges are mere estimates that may vary.

Where are Solana Staking Rewards coming from?

The Solana Staking Rewards are a part of the protocol’s inflation rate, which motivates validators to defend the network. Early-stage Layer 1 platforms must promote staking to help with adoption bootstrapping in its early phases.

Where are Solana Staking Rewards coming from

Solana (SOL) is an inflationary token in its early stages, in contrast to more established networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Avalanche, which have significant network burns. Therefore, active players must stake and get incentives that balance the inflation rate.

Lido Solana Staking

Lido is the largest decentralised stake supplier to the Solana network. Currently, more than $330,000,000 SOL, generating 5.6 per cent APY, is locked on Lido.

The main benefit of staking SOL on Lido is the ability to earn yield, and they also provide you with a token called “stSOL”, which stands for “staked SOL.” On a different site, like Saber Finance, you might stake your stSOL token. You will receive an extra 5% from depositing on their DEX as stSOL as liquidity.

Is Solana Staking Safe?

Staking Solana is the safest way to generate interest or return on your tokens (SOL). As a result, there is a range of danger for the several websites where you can lock your SOL to stake and get rewards, which is why you should find the best place to stake Solana. Typically, we urge brand-new users to go with centralised systems because they come with insurance as a backup.

Decentralised platforms like Lido or Stakefish might not offer the same assurances, which could increase the risk to the protection of your money. Therefore, you should choose a platform that provides top-notch security. There is where XBO comes into the picture. XBO is an upcoming exchange which uses military-grade security measures and works with the best security companies to offer a secure infrastructure. So get on the platform early and avail yourself benefits of its loyalty program here.


Solana is one of the best networks for passive income generation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any risks. For example, stakers should be aware of slashing, which occurs when a validator running a node acts maliciously or violates the network’s uptime requirements.

That results in the validator losing part, or occasionally all of their rewards. For example, if the SOL is delivered to a cut validator, the owner can lose a portion of their investment.


Is Staking Solana Profitable?

Popular cryptocurrency Solana has been rising since December 2020, when its price peaked in November 2021 after rising by 24,275 per cent against the US dollar.

The staking return for SOL tokens reached a maximum of 50% APY throughout the year. As a result, the Solana staking reward is about 6% APY, which is an appealing income for many investors and can help counteract price volatility.

Which is the best place to stake Solana (SOL)?

Binance is the best place to stake Solana since it provides diverse staking choices with up to 14 per cent APY.

What Is The Minimum Amount To Stake SOL?

Soft-staking of Solana tokens is available on cryptocurrency trading platforms like Kraken, starting at just 0.00000001 SOL. On exchanges such as Binance and Huobi, the minimum stake is 0.0001 SOL and 0.1 SOL, respectively.

How much can you make staking Solana?

Some systems might offer better or lower yields, but Solana’s Annual Percentage Yield (APY) can range from 5-7 per cent.

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