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Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

The cryptocurrency market has been progressing amazingly well since the pandemic; many younger traders have shown keen interest in the market. But, traders need to have the best cryptocurrency exchange to find the best opportunities.

With the article, we’ll be analyzing the right trading platform that crypto traders can choose for successful trading. As the title describes, we’ll be focusing on the Indian cryptocurrency market and check the best cryptocurrency exchange in India.

Consequently, by the end will have the best crypto exchange to invest with and make a magnificent trading experience having a range of services and features available for Indian traders.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchange in India

In search of the right crypto exchange, we have made a list of the most efficient and best crypto exchanges. However, These crypto exchanges are analyzed over various metrics, making them the best fit for Indian traders.

So, let’s consider these crypto exchanges one by one and understand what makes them different from several crypto exchanges and the right choice for traders.

Coinswitch Kuber

A cryptocurrency exchange that has gained huge popularity in the years of the rise of the crypto market is Coinswitch Kuber. Introduced in 2017, it is the most trusted and reliable crypto exchange. Meanwhile, the services are modern and technology-friendly; users can easily trade in the market and have a smooth experience.

The millions of traders and the best market facilities make it a great choice for Indian investors. Moreover, it operates in the market to democratize crypto investment and is available in 150-plus countries, including India.

The crypto exchange is backed by Sequoia Capital and has a partnership with the leading crypto exchanges. Additionally, the best services offer 80+ cryptocurrencies, various trading accounts, low trading fees, and many more.

A good place to invest with all the required services at a point. The crypto exchange has the following:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Best crypto trading platform
  • Respected crypto exchange
  • 80+ cryptocurrencies
  • Customer support
  • Mobile app


WazirX is the fastest-growing crypto exchange that has advanced services for users to make easy trading. Additionally, traders can have a range of services with the crypto exchange and make most of the available opportunities.

Traders can use, manage, track, and analyze the digital assets invested in and have the trading platforms to predict market changes. As a result, the crypto exchange has grown manifolds with more than 12 million traders making it among the popular crypto trading platforms.

Users or traders can have the following cryptocurrency facilities with WazirX:

  • Trading platform
  • Tools
  • Easy and free to download mobile apps
  • Automated trading
  • Educational material
  • Cheapest crypto exchange
  • Low trading fees 0.20%
  • Various cryptocurrencies
  • Security
  • Liquid crypto exchange

With this range of services and facilities, traders can easily make successful market investments and enjoy good market profits. In addition, WazirX is a known crypto exchange with a high trading volume with several opportunities and services.

The exchange was founded by Nischal Shetty in 2017 and is the best bitcoin exchange in India.


The crypto exchange has been working in the Indian market since 2014 and was founded by Sandeep Goenka. It has achieved great heights with more than 3 million users and $2 billion in fiat transactions.

It has grown swiftly and become the largest crypto exchange in the economic world. Headquartered in Singapore, the exchange has several cryptocurrencies to trade and make it big in the crypto market.

The exchange was launched in India in 2020 and reached seven million registered users over the years. It is the best crypto exchange that offers free crypto deposits, has great security features, and much more to ensure a secure and comfortable crypto market for the users.

The exchange has the given services:

  • 98% cold storage
  • Trading platform
  • 6% interest on holding crypto
  • Robust internal controls
  • 5% return on investments
  • Customer support


Kraken is one of the remote and best crypto exchanges that was founded in 2011. The exchange has all a user needs to trade in the crypto market. There are several cryptocurrencies, tools, trading platforms, customer support, and much more to make it smooth.

Traders can trust the cryptocurrency trading platform as it has existed in the market for more than 10 years now with the finest security, investment advice, reasonable transaction fees, mobile app, etc.

In addition, the exchange is regulated, and cryptos are held safely with the wallet services offered. Kraken offers alternative markets to trade and makes the best use of the services. Users have the below-mentioned facilities with the exchange:

  • Security
  • 120+ crypto assets
  • Mobile app, Kraken Pro
  • Low trading fees
  • Best cryptocurrency trading platform
  • Simple user interface
  • Trading CFDs
  • Margin trading
  • Customer support


eToro is a financial service company that is known for its copy trading and crypto trading services. The crypto exchanges compared with each other cannot beat eToro for the easy-to-use social and copy trading process.

The exchange has advanced users that follow professional traders to learn and execute their trades. It was established in 2006 and has developed with the technological developments of the financial market.

eToro accepts deposits with no transaction fees; even the withdrawals with the exchange are easy. Moreover, traders can use various payment modes to deposit or withdraw funds like bank transfers, debit/credit cards, or e-wallets.

There are several options in e-wallets, such as eToro accepts Paypal, Neteller, etc. Moreover, it has its own fee structure, which is high due to the advanced services. Traders can have the following features at eToro:

  • Free cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals
  • Numerous technical indicators
  • Copy and social trading
  • Customer support
  • Trading platform
  • More than 350 crypto assets
  • Trading costs are a bit high
  • Free crypto wallet
  • Regulated exchange


The best cryptocurrency exchange in India list considers Unocoin the appropriate choice for cryptocurrency traders. This is because they can enjoy various services with the exchange and make the most use of the facilities provided.

The exchange is India’s homegrown trading platform where users can buy various cryptos, have crypto holdings, and trade them easily. It is a respected crypto trading platform with a straightforward website.

Users can navigate, use the services of crypto trading, and have intuitive trading costs and a calculator on the screen to make calculations of transaction fees, current value, service fees, etc.

In addition, the exchange has its exchange portal with 38 cryptocurrencies with systematic buying plans and many other advanced services for the users. Below we have the features of the trading platform:

  • 0.5% fee on transactions
  • Tax charges 18%
  • Interest in crypto holdings
  • Free bitcoin trading
  • Unocoin wallet
  • crypto-to-crypto trading without any fee
  • Customer support
  • Mobile app


Bitbns is an attractive crypto trading platform with advanced user-based services for successful trading. Users can have several cryptocurrencies to invest in and make profitable investments.

Traders can quickly access the current price, lowest buying limit, and other fees included with the trade before trading. The simple user interface makes it to the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

It caters to the requirements of beginners in the market and has an extensive range of services with great flexibility. Moreover, the exchange is highly informative for investors and has the best crypto wallet services.

The exchange has its own wallet, supports third-party crypto wallets, and has favourable schemes for traders to earn. Here, we have the facilities listed below:

  • Automated trading
  • High security
  • 95% cold storage
  • It has a flat 0.25% fee
  • Easy payment methods
  • High liquidity
  • Systematic investment feature
  • Best bitcoin exchange


The best cryptocurrency exchange in India is essential for the traders of the Indian market. Everyone must exchange all the necessary facilities for making the trade smooth and comfortable.

We have found the seven most reliable and trustworthy exchanges in searching for the best. The article has discussed them individually to provide a brief detail of each exchange and make it feasible to select the best one.

It includes Coinswitch Kuber, Coinbase, and other bitcoin exchanges. So, Users can trade with the one that suits their needs and make trade easy and secure for them.

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