April 20, 2021

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Different types of plumbing and maintenance services in London

One day or another, we all need plumbing services. Whether it is for the installation of a sanitary or heating system, for the maintenance of our equipment or for a simple troubleshooting (leakage, plug, disengagement etc.), the
Plumber/Gas Safe Registered Engineer is an essential professional. Nevertheless, it is not always easy to select the right technician or competent company.

Plumbing services is not just about repairing water leaks and installing pipes. The plumber works for various plumbing works and in multiple areas of the building. Although he is a specialist in sanitary installations, he also often takes care of the heating and installs all the piping by working with the architect during a construction.

When a plumber is called upon, it is rare to question the specific skills of the craftsman since it is believed that this professional can intervene in all situations relating to pipes, without exception. Nevertheless, you should know that there are several specialties behind this craft and that in view of your needs, it is appropriate to call on one craftsman rather than another. Here is something to enlighten you on the subject.

With a solid professional training, the plumber offers the guarantee of quality work carried out in good conditions. Do not risk doing this kind of work yourself, especially when it comes to delicate interventions or risky rooms such as the bathroom for example.

Plumbing and piping system

From the plans of the architect, the plumber will determine the location of household appliances and water intakes. He will therefore draw marks on the walls and / or floors, in order to drill the holes necessary to install the pipes and the whole piping. It is the one who ensures that this piping meets the standards in force, both in the context of a new construction or in that of a renovation. He must also check the total tightness of the installation, A few innocuous drops that escape from a pipe will have a consequent influence on the water bill ! As for the discharge of water from the roof to the gutter, it is also the responsibility of the plumbing.

Installation of kitchens and bathrooms

Once the pipes are properly installed, the plumber also takes care of the installation of the various sanitary elements, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Washbasins, sinks, showers and bathtubs are the competence of the plumber, as are the faucets. It is all the more able to take over its work when it is considered to install particular showers and bathtubs, such as hamman showers or jet tubs. By extension, the plumber will intervene for the installation of a swimming pool and its filtering system or a jacuzzi. Often, this craftsman works in close collaboration with other trades and especially with the mason. So, many companies offer both plumbing, masonry and tile services.

Plumbing and heating

The plumber often also has the heating cap, because the two trades are intrinsically linked. Installing central heating with all the necessary settings, but also developing efficient air conditioning systems are often tasks for the plumber. The Plumber/Gas Safe Registered Engineer is the one who deals with the maintenance of boilers. With the advent of renewable energy, the scope of technical knowledge of the plumber has been brought to expand. Installing a solar water heater or heat pump are now on the ropes of many plumbers.