April 20, 2021

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Top 5 Most Important Mobile App KPIs in 2021

Mobile marketing is all about building relationships with your customers and the performance of your marketing campaign is highly dependent on analytics and metrics. In the mobile marketing industry, KPIs measure performance and can be divided into:


One of the most influencing key performance indicators is the number of times the application has been downloaded. It is the simplest way to track how popular is the app among users. You should ensure tracking the app downloads as it is one of the basic KPIs.

Installs and Uninstalls

Just installing an application doesn’t mean the user has downloaded and installed the application by completing the entire setup process. So, its important to track the installations on mobile devices used by your audience.

Similarly, a user can choose to uninstall the application for many reasons and they’re not likely to leave a reason for doing that. For instance, if uninstallations in bulk occur after you updated your app, you should know why it happened by performing a detailed analysis.

Daily Active Users

There are millions of applications on the market, but it takes a unique feature to make people use your application. If users like your application, they’re most likely to use it regular. So, you should know how often the app is used and how many active users of the application are there.

Retention Rate

Retention is all about getting your users back. It can be about those who uninstalled or deleted their user accounts and you can resolve the problem by identifying the reason why they left. The number of users that return matters. An increased user retention indicates the effectiveness and popularity of your app. The retention and engagement indicates the app quality.


Another essential indicator of the popularity of your application is the number of sessions generated. Similar to the pageviews and user engagement on the web, the session length on an application greatly help marketers with mobile marketing strategies. If you have launched a compelling and intriguing application, app sessions are most likely to be longer. Also, make sure you calculate daily and monthly active users. Read a beneficial blog post about Mobile App KPIs to know more.