April 20, 2021

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How to get 360 waves with short hair?

In this fashion world, people want to look more contemporary. For making their personality more beautiful and handsome, they care for their body, skin, and hairs. Everyone wishes for a famous hairstyle worn by every Black man that is called a 30 waves hairstyle. In this hairstyle, they look very stylish and cool.

Are you craving to have this hairstyle? Yeah! You are at the right spot. Here we are going to elaborate on some tips to get 30 waves with short hairs. Let’s have a look on them:

Get a haircut:

30 waves can achieve easily if you have short hairs or curly hairs. Make sure that your hair size is around ½” short. But if you have not hairs of that type then you need to see a barber you trust. Ask the barber to make trimming with short clippers. Rinse your hair with an energetic shampoo and conditioner. Make a distance between washes when you are waiting for your hair waves.

Apply the cream to your hairs:

Waves haircut has now become trendy so different products are available in the market to help you to make your hairs into a waveform. A simple branded wave cream is enough for your entire head that will give you the best result. A multivitamin supplement makes your hair healthier and stronger.

Brush hair:

Brushing hairs will improve your coiffure good and stylish. So brush your hairs from the crown or from where the cowlick starts and then go down from that spiral. Keep brushing hairs for almost 2 minutes to get better waveform.


Wearing durag has become a fashion now. It is worn by men of all ages according to the current trendy period. This is optional for making waves but regular use of durag will help you to grow your hair flat and maintain your beautiful 30 waves.

Remove the Durag:

Before sleeping, use durag and remove it from your head the next morning. Create a long durag list into your wardrobe for getting more than 360 waves to form. Don’t brush or shampoo your hairs as long as you can live without it. Shampoo breaks your curly pattern of your hairs.

Be patient.

Don’t hurry and keep patience as it takes 6–8 weeks or less for some men to form deep 360 waves.

Some things need for waves:


Depending on your hair texture, get a hand brush (one without a handle), rough, medium, or gentle. A hard brush will be required for newbies or those with coarse hair.


The 360-style is popular. Just get a form waves with organic hair moisturizers. These supplements give a healthier and stylish look to your hair.

Conditioner or herbal shampoo:

This is important for preserving your hair.


This is pivotal. Wear it every evening. Add a durag list in your wardrobe as it helps to give a dashing look.