March 2, 2021

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top ways to make money online

top ways to make money online

10 top ways to make money online

1. Can you see into the future? Start investing!

Buying shares doesn’t really start until a deposit of $ 10,000. Investing in less money isn’t worth it. You’d have to make a lot of returns to get your transaction costs out. But there is a solution. Other financial products such as Contracts for difference offer investors with a smaller pursue an opportunity to make money anyway.

With a broker like Plus500, you can enter into a contract where you foretell whether a share in value is going to increase or decrease. When you’ve guessed correctly, you’ll make money if you’ve gambled wrong, you can lose your stake.

The so-called lever allows you to win a lot of money even in small increases or decreases. These are the top ways to make money online But be careful, the higher the leverage, the faster you can lose your money, too.

2. Earn up to 6500 euros per year and do not pay tax

Okay. This tip is a bit lame, but it is true! In 2016, 2017, and 2018 you only pay income tax from 6500 euros. Do you really hate paying taxes? (who doesn’t?) Don’t make too much.

Living at 6500 euros a year in the Netherlands is almost impossible. But if you’re still a student, it’s good to know that you’re going to pay a 36.55% income tax from that amount.

3. Have you got guts? Take a chance at the online casino

The quickest way to win money is to gamble in an online casino. In games like blackjack, punto banco, or roulette, you have just under 50% that you win. So with any luck, you can easily double or even triple your money.

Of course, you should never gamble with money you can’t miss. You never have guarantees, yes, that you will ever die one day, but that is not what we are talking about;).

4. Start your own business

Most people work for a boss and get paid their wages properly every month. The salary is fixed (except for a few occupations with performance pay) and is only increased after a number of years of work experience. It’s beautiful, but not if you want to make a lot of money fast.

You’re gonna have to start your own business. But what? I’m sure there’s something that you can do very well or know that’s very helpful to someone else. The rule is not for nothing: if you can improve someone else’s life or make your customers more money, you will always have a job.

5. Buying cheap and selling more expensive

The age-old principle of action. The buy low sells high principle. When you start your own business, you can buy popular products in large quantities so you get a lot of discounts and sell them to people.

There are also regular companies that go bankrupt and where their remaining stock is auctioned for a low price. There are, of course, more hijackers on the coast, but should you be able to tap leftovers for an Apple and an egg that is still in demand? Then you found a gold mine.

This can be done via its own website/webshop but also via eBay, Market Place, or a search party.

6. Become an online teacher

Knowledge is power. But selling knowledge is all wonderful (ig). There are different websites and mediums where you can explain a particular service, product or skill. Your knowledge can be sold through your own website or through a medium such as Udemy.

If you would like a lot of followers first you can also offer your tutorial or course free of charge via Youtube. You’ll be making some money through the views.

7. Start a Facebook group and ask for money for access

You read it all right. Create a secret group on Facebook. It doesn’t matter what it’s about when people are all too eager to join. Recently, Facebook has given group administrators the opportunity to ask prospective members for money very easily.

The amount can be up to 30 euros per month and currently, the income is 100% for you. Facebook will allow you the full membership fee. Imagine having a group of 1 million paying members, Ka-ching!

8. Start your own pick-up point

We don’t have to tell you that more and more people order online. These packages all have to be delivered sometime. The biggest cost to a delivery guy like PostNL, DHL and DPD are that no one’s home.

With the company Homer, you can sign up as a private (and also a shopkeeper) to become a delivery point. The delivery guys deliver all the packages at a social delivery point. You will receive about €0.40 Per package. From an interview, a lady said she received between 1 and 12 packages a day.

This means that you can earn between € 0.40 and up to €5.00 a day. Of course, this depends on where you live and how many packages you want to receive up to a day (you can specify this when you register).)

9. Find errors in Netflix series

Making money off Netflixes? Yeah, it’s all good these days. You don’t have to do much, just keep your eyes open for any mistakes, errors, and other malfunctions. If this error meets the conditions, you can receive $ 100 – $ 15,000 Finder’s fee.

Remember: Netflix has worked for a very long time on a good program and does not pay such high amounts for anything. The chances of finding a mistake are very slim, but if you happen to see one, report it right here.

10. Esports: getting rich playing games

When you’re really good at playing games on the console or computer, you can make a lot of money. A while back, the only way to do this was to win tournaments. But thanks to Twitch and MLG, you don’t even have to be a very good gamer to make money playing games. If you entertain your viewers properly, you can get money from donations and ads.

Companies such as Nvidia, Intel, and Razor sponsor professional gamers so that their products are known and therefore sold better. To qualify, you have to be very good.