March 2, 2021

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How to remove pubic hair permanently?

Hygiene of the intimate area is, including the removal of unwanted hair. Pubic hair removal is performed using different methods. These can be simple procedures at home or professional services provided by cosmetology clinics. Shaving, using wax or cream gives a short-term effect. Today we will help you that how to remove your public hair permanently?

Can public hair be removed?

To achieve a stable result or completely get rid of hair in a delicate area, you can only in clinical conditions. But even in this case, different procedures may have different effects. Can I remove pubic hair? This procedure is quite possible if there are no absolute and relative contraindications, allergies to the products used.

Methods of dealing with pubic hair?

Epilation is performed by different methods, each of which has its technique and effectiveness. The most popular of them:

  1. Waxing:

Pre-melted wax is carefully applied to the desired area. Under the influence of a warm mass, the skin becomes soft, the pores open well. After the composition cools down, strips of special paper are placed on it. With a sharp movement, they are removed along with the wax and hair. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, after which a soothing cream is applied to the skin.

  1. Shaving:

Allows you to get rid of hair for a short time. To avoid irritation, you should use a special clean razor, first make peeling and apply a moisturizing shaving gel. After shaving, the dermis should be treated with an antiseptic composition and apply a soothing agent.

  1. Electro epilation:

If the first two methods can be used at home, then electro epilation is performed only in a beauty salon or clinic. Vegetation is removed as follows. A thin needle is inserted into the hair follicle, after which an electric current is passed through it. It destroys the follicle, which leads to the impossibility of further growth of the cover. The procedure can cause pain, but after several sessions, it is possible to completely get rid of hair-thin, thick, black, and light.

  1. Photo epilation:

In this case, instead of an electric current, the hair bulb is affected by a directed light flux. In contrast to the previous method, it is possible to process a significant area. It will take many sessions to completely and permanently remove vegetation. Unprofessional treatment may cause puffiness, burns, and dark spots.

How do I remove my hair permanently?

The safest and most effective way to remove hair is laser hair removal. At observance of the technology of carrying out and complying with the rules for the care, she has virtually no complications. Treatment of the intimate area is performed after applying the analgesic gel. The laser pulse pointwise affects the bulb, which is destroyed when energy is absorbed. To destroy the “sleeping” follicles and get rid of the cover forever, you need to go through several procedures.

Why do I need to contract professionals?

Given the possibilities of cosmetology, hair removal procedures at home can be considered ineffective and painful. By contacting a cosmetology clinic with high-tech equipment and experienced dermatologists-cosmetologists, the client receives consultation and selection of procedures for the type of skin and hair; a painless process in sterile conditions; the absence of complications and significant side effects; sustainable results.